Cloos Life Guide: Our Top Pick Ski Destinations In The French Alps

Going on a skiing vacation never gets old. At Christopher Cloos, we believe that The French Alps offer the best skiing in the world. Destinations range from the high-altitude with the seemingly endless terrain, to lesser-known farming villages with traditional French ambience and tree-lined slopes. Keep reading to find the top place to hit the slopes on your next vacation with our list of the best ski resorts in France. And of course, never forget to always bring your Cloos sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sharp sun and snow glare!

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Cloos Life: Top 5 Gentleman Style Icons from Movies

Whether a romantic drama, action, thriller or crime – some movie characters keep inspiring us. Right here, we give you our all time top 5 gentleman style icons from the big screen. Besides having some of the most legendary and iconic main characters, all the listed movies are a must-watch for a true gentleman. At Christopher Cloos, we can't think of a better a better match with these iconic outfits than a pair of Cloos frames.

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Cloos Life Guide: Top 3 St. Barths Hotels

Earlier this year, Christopher Cloos introduced the newest addition to the Cloos Collection – the limited edition frame St. Barths by Robin Thicke. There is a reason why this model is named after the French island ‘Saint Barthélemy’ located in the Caribbean Sea. Known as an overseas collectivity of France that blends the sophistication of St.-Tropez with the laissez-faire Caribbean lifestyle, it was the obvious choice to name this frame ‘St. Barths’. This Cloos Life Journal gives you our top pick accommodations on the tropical paradise island. 

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Cloos Life: The top 5 most beautiful French cars of all time

Although France doesn't quite have the same number of car brands as the United States or Germany, they still have a few gems among the ruff including Bugatti, Peugeot, Citroën Renault, and Venturi. These companies have existed for decades; making legendary cars throughout the years. At Christopher Cloos, we can’t think of a better way cruising in these timeless and iconic masterpieces, than by wearing your St. Barths - Espresso or maybe Paloma - Bourbon.

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