“A Scandinavian eyewear company — with its classic and timeless design, understated aesthetic (no gaudy logo), and best of all, the same top-quality craftsmanship as famous brands at less than half the price.”


The classic, minimalistic and timeless frame

We have a big passion for combining new thinking with vintage frames and try to implement the best of both worlds in our design. We like to think our Paloma model is a pure example on just that. A classic round shape that implements fresh details and with a timeless look. The Paloma frame is introduced in four different colors named after typical refreshments on Côte d’Azur.

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Clara wearing Paloma
Neil Passable Espresso


The strong and elegant frame with a modern touch.

Our latest addition to the Cloos family. A vintage inspired frame with new refined details that gives the model an unpretentious but still aesthetic and modern look. We have spent countless of hours studying old Hollywood movies and explored numerous vintage stores in order to bring back a classic style that will always stay true. Introduced in three popular colors.

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