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"Tom Brady’s Latest Win? Chic, Biodegradable Sunglasses"

Vogue, 2021

"Given that Brady now makes his home in sunny Florida, it makes perfect sense that the future Hall of Famer would team up with Danish eyewear designer Christopher Cloos on a new line of super stylish frames."

Maxim Magazine, 2020

"A Brady-branded collection, featuring blue light glasses and sunglasses."

Forbes, 2021

“A Danish eyewear company with its classic and timeless design, understated aesthetic (no gaudy logo), and best of all, the same top-quality craftsmanship as famous brands at less than half the price.”

Business Insider, 2021

"While there are a number of companies making blue light glasses these days, Brady’s pair with Christopher Cloos stands out for its durable construction, choice of materials, and attention to detail."

Rolling Stone, 2021

“These Danish sunglasses put Ray-Bans to shame. Why? Their hinges.”

Morning Brew, 2020

"When word came out that Tom Brady was collaborating with Christopher Cloos on an individual line of eyewear, it got our attention. It truly was a relationship of two fantastic brands."

Brobible, 2021

“The Ultimate Sunglasses On The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Holiday Gift Guide.”

GQ, 2021

“Designed by Tom Brady in collaboration with Christopher Cloos.”

Bloomberg, 2021

Christopher Cloos is the story of the meeting with an enigmatic man on a beach club in the south of France during a Holiday.

On this particular beach club, Paloma, the two founders became acquainted with an intriguing man from Monaco who had an extraordinary taste for living life.

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