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Your guide to finance bro essentials - Get inspiration

What are the essentials of a finance bro? What are the must haves of a finance bro in the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023? We have the answers here.

What are the essentials of a finance bro?

What are the essentials of a finance bro? What are the must-haves of a finance bro in the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023? Through multiple partnerships with strong fin-meme accounts such as @notyourfathersbroker, @arbitrageandy, and @litquitidy (just to mention a few), we are here to give you the best essentials for a finance bro. 

Working out as a finance bro

Many finance bros appreciate staying in shape, and we recommend staying active during a busy everyday life. Thus, going to the gym is a finance-bro essential. Many finance bros appreciate their local Equinox or in Europe also Barry’s. Equinox is one of the world’s most exclusive fitness chains having eucalyptus towels, a special iris scanner, and is a wellness gym with the best personal trainers. In West-Village of New York, there’s even a rooftop pool. Barry’s is a popular fitness studio offering full-body workouts, consisting of cardio and strength training. Barry’s offers great instructors too and is in general more high-end than other gyms.

The two fitness centers offer great opportunities for people to work out in luxurious surroundings at convenient locations which is why they are popular among finance bros too.

The style of a finance bro – ‘Midtown Uniform’

The style amongst the finance bros has over the years developed to being more relaxed. Maybe because of Covid. However, there is still an expectation of conformity. The style of a finance bro can most typically be referred to as the Midtown Uniform. The Midtown Uniform is a style of casual business dress for men and typically consists of a button-down shirt, a fleece or quilted vest and a pair of slacks topped off with a pair of loafers. The Midtown uniform originates from the Financial District or Midtown of New York and has since evolved to various other Financial Districts over the world. Furthermore, it has slightly evolved into the tech world. At least the vests have found their way into the wardrobe of a tech bro. Especially after Jared Dunn of the popular TV-show, Silicon Valley, wore a Patagonia vest throughout the show.

If you are to become a true hardo and finance bro, you’ll need proper footwear. The inevitable loafer on Wall Street is the Gucci loafer. However, the brand you choose for your loafer should depend on your willingness to spend and perhaps also the stage of your career. While Gucci is probably an MD loafer, G.H. Bass could be an analyst loafer. Regardless of a brand, there is a horsebit loafer, a penny loafer, a tassel loafer, or a driver loafer that you can look into and consider. Amongst finance bros, the most popular are the horsebit or penny loafers. Remember to wear them with socks!

For a long time, Patagonia has produced several vests together with corporate clients, co-branding a bank or a corporate institution. However, three years ago, Patagonia cut their deals and stopped accepting new corporate clients. The company wanted to ally with other mission-driven companies fighting for the planet and the climate. The vests haven't disappeared from various corporate institutions and in the street picture in the financial districts all over the world. The vest is still an important asset in the wardrobe of a finance bro – Patagonia or not. Actually, more finance bros now appreciate to stand out a bit by wearing vests from Barbour, Arc’teryx, North Face, Belstaff, Peter Miller, Orvis, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Columbia or similar. We assume that you got yourself covered when it comes to button-down shirts and your slacks. Therefore, we are swiftly moving on to the next essentials on our list.


It is no secret that we are an eyewear brand and while we don’t want to interfere with the traditional ‘Midtown Uniform’, we still believe we can be an asset to any finance bro. Whether you are looking to protect yourself or simply look great, Christopher Cloos is here for you. On one hand, we offer great protection when constantly working on screens. Blue light from natural and artificial sources such as your phone, laptop, screen, and tablet can damage your eyes and sight. We have developed stylish Blue Light Blocking Glasses that can reduce digital eye strain and potential headaches. A great asset when working on screens all day. While strolling in the city on your breaks or on the weekends, we have got you covered for the sunlight. Take a look at our sunglasses collection and find your next pair to look stylish outside of work. Our sunglasses add the perfect finishing to the Midtown Uniform or any outfit really.

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