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Tortoise shell glasses from Christopher Cloos

Tortoise shell glasses are classical frames originally from the 1920s. Back then, the original frames were made of actual tortoises, giving the frames and the look its name. 

At Cloos, we adore tortoise shell glasses and how the frames can supplement a stylish look. Tortoise shell glasses are here to stay and here on the site you can find the tortoise glasses of the Cloos collection as well as getting to know the style in depth.

What are tortoise shell glasses made from? 

Don’t worry. Tortoise shell glasses aren’t made from actual turtles anymore. They were for a long time, from the 1920s until the early 70s. In the early 70s, they were luckily banned from the market to protect the rare species from going extinct. The simple explanation of tortoise shell glasses is today that they imitate the appearance of real turtles and have a dotted look.

The tortoise shell glasses collection from Christopher Cloos is made from premium Italian biodegradable acetate. At Cloos, we’re committed to minimizing the negative impacts of manufacturing and worldwide logistics to the environment. Therefore, we can also offer premium sustainable materials without sacrificing the flair for design, aesthetics, and craftsmanship, which are our core characteristics. Biodegradable acetate is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable which we are proud to apply to our tortoise shell glasses.

Tortoise shell frames: An enduring and popular trend

Tortoise shell frames suit anyone and everyone. It is a timeless addition to one’s presence and look. The frames are a smoother option for fair skin types where darker frames can prove to be harsher and more intense. The frames light up your eyes and they complement your skin with warm tones. Furthermore, tortoise shell frames can be used within any setting whether it is formal or informal.

The frames have during the past years made a massive comeback because people’s desire for vintage have increased significantly. Tortoise shell glasses are considered as a part of the vintage movement and thereby they are one of the hottest styles today.

Tortoise frames at Christopher Cloos

The trend of tortoise frames has evolved to offer even more color options than the original dark brown vs. light brown. Today, many color options are possible to select from so that you can find and collect exactly those that fit you. At Cloos, we have decided to stick to the more classical colors in which we offer our Ristretto and our Espresso Style. As the names might reveal, the Ristretto is lighter while the Espresso is darker complimenting all styles and skin tones. 

We have decided to keep the color of frames minimalistic and traditional, while you can experiment with our lenses. Here, we have various opportunities for you to choose from to secure an exotic or stylish look. We both have our default dark lenses, as well as our blue, red, and yellow lenses. For instance, the tortoise shell glasses with blue lenses are a very modern and stylish look which has increased in fashion and in popularity during the last year. You can check out our different styles and colors on sunglasses here and on prescription here. Our tortoise frames are also available as blue light glasses.

We hope that our explanation of tortoise shell glasses will help you in the search of the most stylish pair suiting you or a beloved one. The frames are unarguably one of the most classic looks and will probably forever stay in fashion.

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