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Brand videos

Discover a selection of our campaign videos made in collaboration with our top ambassadors!

Tampa Santa

Wishing everybody a very merry Christmas from Team Cloos x Brady with this video featuring the Tampa Santa!


A Very Brady Thanksgiving

Approaching Thanksgiving - Thankfully our blue light frames will help you focus on the important stuff!

Tom Brady and Cloos wishes you a happy holiday with this new brand video. Check it out here.


Laser Focus

It's always important to wear your blue light frames when working long nights - or when having a little fun!

In occasion of the beginning of the new season, check out our latest Cloos x Brady brand video!

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When It's Time To Relax

In occasion of launching the third addition to the Cloos x Brady Collection, the Pacifica, we are presenting our newest brand video, "When It's Time To Relax".

Watch Tom Brady as he enjoys his first day off after the parade, of course wearing his new favorite off-season frames, Cloos x Brady - Pacifica.

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A Clooser Look

The launch of our Cloos x Brady - Hermosa was accompanied by our new brand video, "A Clooser Look".

In the video, you get a scientific inside scoop into how Tom Brady completed what some might consider the most challenging throw of his career. Take a (clooser) look!

Shop the new Cloos x Brady - Hermosa collection here.

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How I See The Game

“I am always trying to find that zone… That level of vision where I can really SEE” - Tom Brady

The "How I See The Game" gives you a closer look into how blue light glasses have become an essential part of Tom Brady's daily routine. Launched in occasion of introduction of the Cloos x Brady frame in two new, colors – 'Bourbon' and 'Coal'.

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Cloos x Brady

In this video, that marked the official release of the Cloos x Brady partnership, get behind the scenes in the production and design phase of the collection.

Tom Brady explains how it was important for him to incorporate two special elements in the collection – environmental friendliness and health benefits.

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St. Barths

Enjoy this vibes video from our shoot with musician Robin Thicke on the beautiful Carribean island, Saint Barths.

Known for its tropical landscape, soaring mountains, powder soft sand, flowering hills and crystal clear water it was the obvious choice to name our St. Barths frame after the French island.

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