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BLUE WEEK - GO BLUE WITH 15 % OFF ALL BLUE LIGHT GLASSES "BW15" | Free worldwide shipping & returns

Glasses' Sustainability Guide

Wondering how to buy glasses sustainably? Keep reading.

What to Do with Your Old Eyeglasses

What do you do with your old pair of glasses if they break or you’ve replaced them with a new pair? Here are 3 things that will give your spectacles a new lease on life and even help someone along the way, from recycling to rehoming:

#1 One of our latest initiatives in increasing our commitment to the environment is offering new and existing customers 20% off their purchase in exchange for handing in a pair of frames. They can be worn and used, and we will still accept them, regardless of the brand. We can recycle the materials from these old frames through our sustainable manufacturing process, expanding the life-cycle of each pair of frames sold. If you wish to donate your pair of worn glasses, receive a discount code for a new pair in exchange, and help us promote our campaign for sustainable glasses, please send an inquiry to and we will advise you further.

#2 Give your frames a new lease on life by selling them online, gifting to a friend, or donating to a thrift store or charity shop. Some optometrists provide a relensing service, where they can put new lenses (with a new prescription) into an old pair of glasses.

#3 Repair your glasses, or take them to someone who can. In this journal, we guide you through how you can easily fix your frames at home in case they get bent.

What We Do

The introduction of the biodegradable Cloos x Brady collection represents our first step towards a more responsible future by focusing on the use of premium sustainable materials, without sacrificing the flair for design, aesthetics, and craftsmanship that always have been our core characteristics.

Since releasing this collection, we have converted 6/8 of our collections to sustainable glasses. The majority of our products are now made from biodegradable materials. We also issue monthly sustainability reports and make shipments where we offset 100% of our carbon emission.Read our full Pledge to Sustainability here.

CO2-compensated shipping

As our most recent initiative, we have made every Christopher Cloos shipment 100 % carbon emission compensated. Together with our partner Plastic Change, we have calculated all carbon emissions created during our shipments. We then compensate for them by supporting recognized and certified carbon offset projects.

Read more about the projects we support through Plastic Change here

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