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90s glasses: the trend of the 90s returning to the 20s

Some fashion items are timeless, and 90s glasses certainly goes under that category.

The 90s were a simpler and happier time, where a lot of today’s fashion has sought inspiration from.

Trendsetters of the 90s glasses such as Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, and Sandra Bullock have through the 1990s inspired the rest of the world. In general, plenty of fashion from the 1990s has made a its comeback here in the 2020s; from chokers and bucket hats to wide-leg jeans and velour tracksuits and vintage pieces, the fashion trends of the 90s are together with 90s glasses increasing in popularity in the 2020s.

Here, at Christopher Cloos the 90s have also been a big inspiration to our selection of frames. In this article, we have put together collection of 90s style glasses and sunglasses so that you can join the movement and tap into the amazing look from the past.

Dark tinted oval sunglasses

The 90s brought round and oval-shaped lenses to the vanguard. The shape displays the type of coolness that expressed the decade. The Pampelonne of the Cloos sunglasses collection is a modernized version of the retro round shades that were particularly popular in the 90s.

view the frames here

Like Drew Barrymore’s style here on the picture, our 90s inspired Pampelonne are tapping into today’s trend with a drearier bridge. The dark roasted Espresso color fits the darker outfits perfectly.

Pampelonne Champagne

Alternatively, for the warmer months with more sunlight, you can go for a brightener 90s look: Pampelonne Champagne. These 90s sunglasses are most certainly stylish for any activity by the beach or at the outside events.

view the frames here

90s glasses: vintage retro inspired narrow cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses broke through in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and somewhat through the 70s decreased in popularity again. However, in the 90s (and today), the cat eye glasses got their comeback. Especially among women, where many women embraced their look with the expression “less is more”. Partially thanks to actresses like Julia Roberts in Notting Hill. Together with her leather jacket and Chanel baret she perfectly added the retro inspired narrow cat eye glasses to this iconic 90s look (which could easily be a look of 2022).

Elsa x Cloos

Similar to the one’s from Notting Hill, we have made what we would call a perfectly modernized cat eye frame together with Elsa Hosk. It embraces Elsa’s fondness for aesthetics yet keeping the ideals of Cloos. It is our most detailed frame to date, embracing a vintage-inspired design with Old Hollywood in mind and with newly added features.

View the frames here

Dual bridge 90s eyeglasses

The dual bridge glasses were quite popular in the 90s and they’ve also made their way into the 2020s. In the 90s, Sarah Connor rocked them quite well in Terminator 2.

The Larvotto's

The Cloos Larvotto also embraces the retro, yet classical look where we have modernized them with spring hinges and premium acetate which makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear.

90s tortoise shell frames

In the 90s, the tortoise shell frames were also highly popular. The bright colors and especially different colored frame were important due to the adventurous and distinctive look. The yellow and brown color palette is perfectly applicable to a classic pair of denims and a white t-shirt.

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