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Cloos Life: The 3 best hotels near Paloma and Passable Beach

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you can’t start researching for your next holiday. At Christopher Cloos, Cote d’Azur is an all time favourite getaway destination, and we have gathered for you our top hotel picks near the iconic Paloma and Passable beaches.    Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat   With a guestbook signed by everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Winston Churchill and an enviable view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the luxurious spread of the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel, has been the epitome of Côte d’Azur chic for more than a century.        Today, sumptuous...

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Guide: Why is Blue Light protection important?

The average use of digital screens is ten hours every day. It might sound unlikely that we actually spend ten hours a day on our digital devices but think about it! You are even looking at a screen right now. This guide will take you through the potential harms of blue light and how you can protect yourself.

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Guide: The hinges of eyewear

The hinges are among the most important parts of eyeglasses since they keep the joints together. That is also why this article will focus on hinges. It is significant that the hinges are durable and therefore you should also take the hinges into consideration before investing in your next piece of eyeglasses.

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Guide: Polarized sunglasses vs. non-polarized sunglasses

When investing in a pair of sunglasses, it is important to understand the benefits of polarized sunglasses compared to non-polarized sunglasses. There is a big difference in the way they impact your eyesight. This guide will take you through the key elements and highlight the main differences between the two types of lenses.

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Passable Beach – A hidden paradise in the South of France

Plage de Passable is one of our favorite places on the French Riviera and has been a true inspiration to our collection. Plage de Passable is a small beach in the area of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in the South of France. This post will guide you through the beautiful area. 

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