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Timeless and Biodegradable – Behind the Cloos x Brady eco-friendly M49 acetate

Timeless and Biodegradable – Behind the Cloos x Brady eco-friendly M49 acetate

In keeping wellness and sustainability at the forefront of the partnership, Christopher Cloos and Tom Brady immediately aligned on the importance of an environmentally friendly product.

“From the beginning, I was determined to make an environmentally friendly product. Christopher Cloos is building for a sustainable future and this is something that will be important to all businesses in the future and Cloos is ahead of the trend.” - Tom Brady 

Each frame across the Cloos x Brady line is made with M49® acetate which is a 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable Mazzucchelli product. It holds all the aesthetical characteristics of the traditional acetate while preserving the sustainable needs of our planet.

Working with Tom Brady to create a product with an added purpose has been a fantastic journey. The health and wellness benefits of the blue light protection lenses were equally as essential to the collection as the line’s overall commitment to sustainability. 

“Having the line be environmentally friendly was really important to me, and I’m proud of the fact that all of the frames are made from biodegradable material. Christopher Cloos’ commitment to health, wellness, and sustainability – without sacrificing style – really resonated with me” - Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s commitment to excellence on and off the field is inspiring. We are proud to have partnered up with a true champion as we grow our presence in the United States and offer consumers an eyewear collection reflective of the qualities that give Tom and the Christopher Cloos brand an edge over the competition. 

 View the Cloos x Brady collection here.

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