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The Cloos x Brady Collection featured in this week's Robb Recommends by Robb Report!

The Cloos x Brady Collection featured in this week's Robb Recommends by Robb Report!

We are honored to be showcased in week's Robb Recommends, a regular series in which the media suggest something its editors think might just change your life for the better. And this week, nothing less than the Cloos x Brady Eyewear Collection is featured as the product that will do just that! Check out what the article for example says about the collection:

"This being Brady, it should come as no surprise that the result of his eyewear collection is winning. The streamlined, softly squared lenses are about as timeless as specs get—an accurate reflection of Brady’s clean-cut look. The proportions are pretty universally flattering, while a slightly higher bridge cuts a stronger, more distinctive figure. Moreover, they’re good for the planet and, in some cases, actually good for you."

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Moreover, the review features a recommendation of the Cloos x Brady Blue Light frames, that we can't deny to be quite proud of:

"Handsome as the sunglasses are, the blue light-blocking opticals are the real standout of this collaboration. They’re everything one wants in glasses of this ilk: understated, versatile, and comfortable. I will admit I’ve taken to wearing the frames even when away from my computer—they really are quite fetching."

We're overwhelmed to have received so much support after the launch of our partnership with Tom Brady, and really appreciate all of the nice words. If you haven't discovered the full Cloos x Brady Collection, make sure to do so right here.

Thank you, and stay tuned!

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