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Seen With Cloos - Jenson Brooksby

Seen With Cloos - Jenson Brooksby
In this month’s Seen With Cloos, we are excited to feature the American tennis talent behind our latest frame, Jenson Brooksby. Get to know this talented guy right in time for Wimbledon. All in this exclusive Seen With Cloos interview. 


1. What does an ordinary day in your life look like? 

There are very few ordinary days when you are playing professional tennis since the season is running from January until November - but on a regular basis, I wake up early in the morning. Then I head to the tennis club, get on court with my coach. Usually I follow up with fitness. Then I rest, get back on court for two hours, then back to the fitness, which is then followed by recovery. Go home and rest. 


2. Aside from tennis, what are some of your hobbies and/or interest? 

I am a big college football fan and I love listening to music. When I am at home, I usually hang out with a few close friends. I have been trying to learn more about fashion and lifestyle - long way to go! 


3. How did you get into tennis in the first place - and when did you realize that you could be a professional? 

My parents play tennis and they would take lessons from my current coach. I think I was seven years old when I picked up a racket for the first time and started taking lessons. I have played various sports growing up, but when I was around 12-13 years old, I decided to prioritize tennis. I was the #1 Junior in USA when I was 18 years old, and I knew I had the ability to become a professional tennis player. 


4. Tell us about a moment that has been defining for both you as a professional athlete and for your career. 

Well, my career is still fairly young but reaching my first ATP Finals in Newport was important for my career. As a professional athlete, overcoming all my injuries in 2020 and having a good season was 2021 was great. Earning good wins at the US Open and then playing Novak in a night match on Ashe stadium was important for my career. It gave me the opportunity to see how my game compared with the best.


5. How would you describe you style of play?

I am a very intense player who thrives on breaking down the weaknesses of my opponents.


6. Who do you see as a role model and/or an inspiration – and why?

In tennis it is Rafael Nadal. Even through all his success over the years, and how persistent he has been through it, he has stayed humble and very engaged in the process. He does not let any outside distractions get to him. He seems like a normal person and I have a huge amount of respect for that.


7. What do you believe to be one of your strengths – and how does that make you a great athlete?

My court-sense and ability to read the game and anticipate. 


8. From your experience, what are the best and worst parts of being a professional athlete?

One of the very cool things is the fans cheering at me and asking for pictures and autographs. It is too a great feeling to receive great support from friends and family back home. In addition, seeing different parts of the world and meeting people is something I am very grateful for. 

The worst part is the grind of being on the road pretty much all year. The mental challenges that come with your own expectations and thoughts that could get in the way of your focus.


9. What is the best piece of advice you have gained from someone close to you – and do you have any advice for aspiring athletes?

I have gotten a lot of good advices from people on my team. What stands out is an advice I got from my coach at an early stage: "If you are not having fun on your journey and in the process, the what is the point of putting in the work?" He must have phrased it differently, but that was the point of his advice.


10. What is your favorite pair of Christopher Cloos and why do you like the brand? 

I love that the glasses are sustainable and environmentally friendly. My dad and my agent owned pairs of Christopher Cloos before this partnership was even laid out and I liked the simplicity and elegance of the frames.

For a long time my favorite frames have been the Cloos x Brady in Bourbon and Noire - but now, The Brooksby! 


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