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Do glasses make you look more intelligent?

Do glasses make you look more intelligent?

It has been scientifically confirmed: Glasses make you appear more professional and trustworthy. What's more, clever minds are hiding behind the lenses! The Cloos-Team tells you what's behind them!
Early in the morning your alarm clock rings and the search for your glasses begins. And then you reach for these comfortable Cloos glasses again. They just sit on your nose perfectly and don't cause you any discomfort like contact lenses do. Other than that, the glasses bring other positive effects with them!

That's how you really look!
You are waiting for your bus and an elderly lady approaches you and asks for directions. Your advice is also needed in other matters? Maybe it's because of your glasses (be it prescription glasses or simply blue light frames)! You just radiate such incredible competence with them. A British optician's school investigated this phenomenon more closely and came to the conclusion that one third of Britons consider a person with glasses to be more professional. And it gets even better: 43 per cent of those surveyed rated people who wore glasses as more intelligent!

And what about at work?
In a recent survey, work colleagues were asked about the effect of their female colleagues wearing glasses. 40.8 percent of the colleagues consider the women to be very educated, 37.1 percent consider them to be modern and 35.3 percent consider the women who wear glasses to be more serious than average. With these results, it is not surprising that glasses are again worn with great popularity in everyday life. Almost 67 percent of those surveyed wear them at least five days a week.

A little tip from us:
Maybe glasses could improve your chances at the next job interview? In a survey, some respondents stated that they regularly reach for a pair of glasses made of window lenses during important interviews and would thus get a job acceptance faster! That sounds promising!
Attention, clever minds behind the glasses!
We have clarified the effect of glasses, but are people who wear glasses really smarter? The answer is: Yes!

So the big winners today are: those who wear glasses!

They are more intelligent and appear very professional, trustworthy and competent. In addition, one can tend to say that they get a job faster. To all those without glasses, congratulations and glad you can reach for the window glass option. Maybe glasses should be everyone's best friend from now on!
So we guess that today is the perfect day to get a pair of Cloos frames - either prescription or blue light!

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