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Cloos x Brady - Winner of Eyewear of The Year!

Cloos x Brady - Winner of Eyewear of The Year!
SPY has selected Christopher Cloos as a winner in The 2021 Man Awards!
We're proud to announce that The Cloos x Brady collection has been selected as Eyewear of the year by SPY! As a part of SPY’s The 2021 Man Award, we're featured in the online magazine for the best eyewear on the market right now. Check it out right here.
What they said about Cloos x Brady
“Tom Brady’s collaboration with Danish eyewear brand Christopher Cloos totally rules. 
These sunglasses, prescription frames, and blue light glasses are effortlessly stylish without being too attention-grabbing, which is a problem with a lot of new designer sunglasses. They just have that classic look, combined with subtle accents in the right places.”
The Cloos x Brady collection
Tom Brady glasses
There simply could not be a better fit between the iconic seven-time Super Bowl Champion and Christopher Cloos.
With a unique eye for precision and an immense focus on health, Tom Brady wanted to bring his special attributes into the collection. The Cloos team and Brady quickly aligned on a fantastic piece of craftsmanship along with immeasurable attention to detail in both design and materials which brought this special frame to life.
Introduced in five colorways – Noire, Espresso, Ristretto, Grey Tonic, and Bourbon – the Cloos x Brady Collection is timeless, minimalistic, and perfect for anyone who loves a good accessory moment. Check it out here.

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