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Cloos Life: The Story Behind The Christopher Cloos Collection

sunglasses and fedora sit on a sunny table as the ocean breeze turns pages in an open book

The brand was born when the two founders became acquainted with an intriguing man from Monaco, Christopher Cloos, who had an extraordinary taste for living life. He was always to be found with a pair of classic and timeless retro sunglasses and a happy smile on his face living by the motto 'Bon vivant'. Inspired by the style of Christopher Cloos, our collection is the embodiment of the lifestyle we aspire to. Each model is named after the most exquisite beaches in either The South of France or St. Barths and reflects the luxury and extravagance of these areas. 

The 'Paloma' and Paloma Beach

The minimalistic Paloma frames are timeless. Inspired by the beaches in the South of France
boats at seas at Paloma Beach

The 'Mala' and Mala Beach

Mala frames are timeless and exquisitely detailed. Inspired by the French Riviera

The 'Mala' model is named after the beach ‘Mala Plage’ on the French Riviera. Known for being one of the most beautiful places on the Riviera, it was the obvious choice to name this frame ‘Mala’. A timeless chef-d’oeuvre with exquisite details reflecting the magnificent stretch of the verdant Cap Mala.

The placid water from the cliff sides at Plage Mala

The small and secluded beach with two excellent restaurants and safe swimming makes Plage Mala a true little haven. Located on Cap d'Ail, the seawater is consistently clean as harbours are far away.

The 'Passable' and Passable Beach

Passable frames are vintage-inspired and with refined details. The design is bold yet unpretentious.

Image: @giorgiogiangiulio

Our strong and elegant frame 'Passable' is named after the Passable Beach in the exclusive Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Vintage-inspired and with refined details, the design is bold yet unpretentious. Designed with inspiration from classic Hollywood-movies, this frame was bound to become a favorite.

Plage Passable, at Cap Ferrat peninsula, is a small but perfect beach composed of sand and small stones

Right at the base of the Cap Ferrat peninsula, Plage Passable is a small but perfect beach composed of sand and small stones. Originally, it was developed to please the celebrated guests of the Grand Hotel who took the waters here early in the 20th century.

The 'Pampelonne' and Pampelonne Beach

Image: @gustave_uhlig

Our 'Pampelonne' frame is named after the iconic Pampelonne Beach located in Ramatuelle. Known for being the crown jewel of beaches in the St. Tropez area, it was the obvious choice to name this model ‘Pampelonne’. Our Pampelonne has a round, minimalistic and timeless shape that will forever stay in style.

Image: Gray Malin

Pampelonne Beach is the beach most people associate with Saint Tropez. This is where you will find the famous beach clubs and the super yachts resting in the bay. It is the busiest and longest beach in Saint Tropez, set in a beautiful sheltered bay. It stretches over 5km in length, with white sands and sparkling turquoise seas.

The 'St. Barths' 

Image: @giorgiogiangiulio

The 'Gouverneur  and Gouverneur Beach

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