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Cloos Life: How to find the perfect frames for your face shape

Cloos Life: How to find the perfect frames for your face shape
Square glasses, round glasses, wide or narrow? And you have no idea what frames are the right choice for your face shape? 
At Christopher Cloos we offer you a variety of sunglasses, blue light glasses and prescription frames. But which are the perfect glasses for you? Thanks to this face-shape guide, you will find out what shape your face is and which glasses suit you best.


Round face shape 

The most important thing when choosing glasses for round face shapes is to emphasise the angles. They look especially good with edgy lenses with clean lines.


"Mala glasses have a rectangular shape that breaks up the facial structure. It makes the face appear narrower and a little longer.
The Mala glasses here shown as the first frames in the following video are a classic "D frame": the base of the lenses is slightly narrower at the bottom than the width of the eyebrow, so that when turned on its side, the shape of the lenses resembles the letter "D". This shape is suitable for many face shapes and is recommended if you have full cheeks, among others, as it draws attention to them and brings focus to your eyes."

Heart-shaped face

This face shape is usually considered the most versatile. If you have a heart-shaped face, you'll look good with glasses that are slightly wider than your forehead and have rounded lenses - here's a good example:


Paloma glasses - the frames the model is wearing as the second pair in the video - are absolutely ideal if your chin is a little narrow and you want to create a little more width.

Frames with low-set temples: If you are conscious of your eyebrow width, use this model to draw attention downwards and emphasise the lower part of your face.
A light, narrow, subtle frame is very elegant and allows the glasses to accentuate your features without taking the focus off your face.

Oval face

Oval faces can wear most frames - so choose what suits you best.

One tip is to always choose a frame that accentuates your strongest features and puts the less strong ones in the background so your face looks balanced. For an oval face, that means emphasising the natural balance of the face and adding angles to the soft curves.

Choose a frame like Passable's that's as wide as the widest part of your face (point to the eye area).

Another great option is the Gouverneur, as these contrast the oval face shape with its round details!

Square face

Square faces often have strong, angular features and a straight line from forehead to jaw. Here, rounded frames that are slightly wider at the sides provide a harmonious look and a good balance to the straight lines.

The frame Saint Barths is also very nice for a square face shape. It also has width and gives angles to the face.

The round lenses of the Pampelonne soften the harsh angles of an angular face and provide a nice balance. This type of frame is also great for diamond-shaped faces. As for the colour choice, tinted lenses are very nice. It emphasises the facial features and draws attention away from the square shape.


If you should have any questions or need personal consultation and advice, come by our store in Copenhagen! Happy shopping and we are looking forward to meeting you soon! 

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