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Cloos Life Guide: These are the sunglasses you can't live without this Fall

Cloos Life Guide: These are the sunglasses you can't live without this Fall

While sunglasses are often associated with Summer and warm weather, it's just as important to wear sunglasses during the Fall and Winter for optimal eye health. We can't think of a reason not to invest in a pair of Cloos sunglasses right now to brighten up the coming fall months! Discover Team Cloos' hand-picked choices for the Fall of 2020 below.

Passable - Bourbon

Our strong and vintage-inspired model 'Passable' in the enriching 'Bourbon' color ads an undeniable touch of class to every outfit. The perfect choice for a simple Fall look. Henrik Birkeland looks effortlessly stylish combining the Passable with a formal, yet simple look. 

Paloma - On The Rocks

Forever a must-have is our round and timesless Paloma. The season-less, transparent color 'On The Rocks' makes this frame suitable for any look – formal or casual, colorful or neutral. Eye-catching in an understated way. 


Gouverneur - Champagne

One of the newer arrivals to the Cloos Collection, the epochal 'Gouverneur'.
Introduced in golden steel and a sparkling Champagne color, this frame is perfect
for lightening up a grey day.

Cloos x Brady – Ristretto

It doesn't go without mentioning our brand new arrival – the biodegradable Cloos x Brady frame, designed in collaboration with Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. Featuring a timeless, squared shape, this frame is a must-have in any Fall wardrobe.

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