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Cloos Guide: Reduce Eyestrain with Affordable Blue Light Glasses

Cloos Guide: Reduce Eyestrain with Affordable Blue Light Glasses

Did you know that the average use of digital screens is ten hours every day? It might sound unlikely that we actually spend so many hours on our digital devices, but think about it – you are even looking at a screen right now. 

Digital devices are dominating our time on at work, in school, and especially at home. The increasing use and need for social media contribute to the use of digital screens, as well as our daily hobbies and leisure activities, such as shopping and reading. 

People do this constantly, so even though you might not feel that your increasing use of digital screens does not hurt your vision and health, it can actually cause severe damage. Good thing there’s a way to prevent it! 

Read this journal as we guide you through how a pair of blue light glasses is the best solution for avoiding the damaging effects of screen time.


How can blue light affect your health?

Our body and eyes need some blue light every day in order to regulate our sleep cycles. However, prolonged exposure to blue light can highly disrupt your sleep and even produce symptoms of eye strain – as the main affections.

Any source of visible light produces blue light but there is a huge difference between a natural source and an artificial source. The healthy and natural blue light comes from the sun (among many other sources) and we naturally gain the blue light we need from it. Natural light helps our bodies to produce natural melatonin, the hormone responsible for making us fall asleep.

The dangerous part in this process is that once the sun sets the artificial light, it will delay our production of melatonin. Therefore, blue light can be a direct cause of disrupted sleep. Given this, the artificial blue light from electronic devices can cause symptoms of eye strain and serious headaches.

So, if you wonder why you’re having trouble sleeping or experiencing  many headaches, then you might have the answer here. What, then, is the solution?


How to protect yourself from blue light

The obvious answer is to spend less time on digital devices. But that is not always easy since we have a lot of work, school stuff, and other important things going on through night and day. If you’re not ready to sacrifice your time on digital devices, the best solution would be to get blue light protection glasses. 

Blue light protection glasses are equipped with lenses that have filters blocking the blue light from getting through. In other words, they can immensely help you reduce exposure to the blue light waves that keep you awake at night or causes serious headaches. Blue light protection glasses work both day and night, so they are recommendable in restoring a good sleep cycle.


At Christopher Cloos, you can get the best pair of blue light protection glasses. We care about our customers, so we updated our existing collection of frames with blue light protection lenses to protect you. Now, you can stay protected while still looking good! 

Have a look at our blue light collection here, and feel free to reach us via email or phone call if you have further inquiries in relation to our frames! We hope you will enjoy your new blue light protection frames and sense an improvement after using them.

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