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Best Sunglasses For Every Summer Aesthetic | Aesthetic sunglasses

Best Sunglasses For Every Summer Aesthetic | Aesthetic sunglasses
Looking for ways on how to match aesthetic sunglasses to your summer events? Read our post about aesthetic summer occasions — from a garden party to a walk on the beach, and the perfect sunglasses to go with each

Aesthetic sunglasses

What do the Porsche 911, Le Corbusier's design chair, the Cap Eden Roc hotel, and a pair of Christopher Cloos glasses have in common? All these things can come to mind when discussing aesthetics. Aesthetics means the study of perception or sensual viewing. Accordingly, everything that moves our senses when we look at it is aesthetic. 

This journal post talks about the aesthetics of Christopher Cloos, and the most popular and aesthetic sunglasses for this summer based on and inspired by our collection. 


Our brand new Cloos x Brady - Pacifica is on the top of our list of frames for summer 2021. 

What Makes Christopher Cloos Frames Aesthetic?

Best Materials for Quality and Comfort

Our frames have the quality you can see and feel. Many frames can look good but don't have the quality and look you can really feel. Here at Christopher Cloos, the weight, look and feel of our frames have been one of our top priorities.

We have focused on comfort, function, and design to create a collection of timeless and classic eyewear that reflects the modern concept of the Scandinavian design culture. Durable and sustainable design is at the heart of all our collections. We go back to classic and basic shapes in all their clarity and work from there on the details. Be it a subtle engraving in the temples or a subtle pattern on the front of the glassesall our collections are inspired by the principles of Scandanavian designs, which focus on minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. 

Best Designs for Special Summer Occasions

Private party, outdoor restaurant visits, or a drink at the beach? Never without sunglasses!

We choose and recommend the right sunglasses depending on the place and type of event you want to attend for the summer. For a nice garden party, you cannot say no to our Paloma model with a round shape that implements fresh details and a timeless look. As for a beach club visit, we recommend one of our sunglasses from the Pacifica collection, which was inspired by Tom Brady’s childhood beach.

The perfect companion for an evening drink in the sun, our Paloma - On The Rocks sunglasses. 

For an evening drink after your beach walk or a visit in the restaurant, the Passable sunglasses are a perfect choice. With their vintage-inspired frames and unpretentious details, they are perfect for everyday summer style and suitable for both him and her. 

For sporting events and public viewings, like this year's European Football Championships, there is no better fitting frame than our Cloos x Brady sunglasses, which let sustainable materials with sporty details produce a truly aesthetic pair of glasses. 


Passable - Bourbon is that everyday sunglass that you can style with almost everything. 

For a very special occasion in the summer, of course, you need to think about the accessories. A summer wedding, for example, requires a beautiful pair of themed sunglasses. Who says that the bride and groom don’t have to think about the look of eyeglasses for their wedding? The perfect sunglasses for guests, the bride, and the groom cannot be missing. Our models Mala, with their exquisite and aesthetic details, and Pampelonne, with its round, minimalistic, and timeless shape are the perfect accessory to wear on this special day. 

What defines aesthetic sunglasses?

Aesthetic is a word full of meanings; it is learning about the beautiful and the art. It concerns beauty and the appreciation of beauty and taste. In visual terms aesthetics embraces factors such as balance, color, movement, pattern, and shape. 

Aesthetic styling is thereby a broad categorization, and within it, you can find plenty of different sub-styles. The new movement of aesthetics is the consideration of the nature of beauty, art, and a taste for all that is beautiful to look at. That is exactly what we have tried to incorporate in our aesthetic sunglasses. Essentially aesthetic styling is about the look you create with clothing, accessories, and beauty.

At Christopher Cloos, we believe that it is important to stand by our customers on every occasion, from their daily walks to exclusive events. We want them to reflect our own interpretation of Danish design and elegance.

How do I find my personal aesthetic style?

We have gathered some quite easy to implement tips when picking your personal aesthetic style and your aesthetic sunglasses. A good advice could be to think about your favorite celebrity and his or her style. Most often there is huge inspiration to pick from within actors/actresses and musicians in which you can pick elements and make your own mark. Pinterest or Tumblr is here your best friend to seek inspiration.

Aesthetic sunglasses for men

A good advice when aesthetic fashion for men is that you experiment to find your own style. Buy, wear, and combine different items until you find what you like. You must consider that it takes time, and it is a process.   

Aesthetic sunglasses for women

A popular aesthetic look for women is leggings, oversized shirts, and scrunchies. Complimenting that with aesthetic sunglasses such as round sunglasses with a low nose bridge, you have an outstanding look.

Another good example is the aesthetic look below from Elsa Hosk. Leather jacket, a crop top, and wide jeans complimented with a small hand bag and the Cloos x Elsa “Malibu – Ristretto”.

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